Data Services empowering Intelligence Automation


  • Information Extraction
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Real-time Analytics
  • (Big) Data Lakes & Forests

Decision Support

  • Cognitive Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Proactive Monitoring

DIY Self Service

  • Omni-channel Mega bots
  • Ad-hoc BI
  • Smart Automation

Intelligence Automation Value Proposition


  • Vehicle Recalls Campaigns
  • Make/Model Sentiment Analysis
  • Warranty Claim Prediction
  • Connected Car Analytics
  • NHTSA Data Insights
  • Dealer Insights
  • Vehicle Transaction Predictions


  • Claims Processing
  • Point of Care Chat Bots
  • Claims Fraud Detection
  • Diagnostic Analysis
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Medical Assistant Bot


  • Optimized Risk Profiling
  • Market Data Analytics
  • Wealth Advisory
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Payment Fraud Detection
  • Reconciliations


  • Employee Onboarding
  • Productivity Bots
  • Recruitment Analytics
  • OKR Manager
  • Total Rewards


  • Lead Generation
  • Upsell/Cross Sale
  • Churn Prevention
  • White Space Analytics
  • Personalized Marketing
  • Recommendation Bots

Customer Support

  • Helpdesk Automation
  • Cognitive Bots
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Voice of Customer
  • Customer Service Routing
  • FAQ Bots


  • Invoice / Billing Enquires
  • Revenue Management/Recognition
  • 360 Analytics(e.g. Customer, Product, Partner, Supplier, etc.)

iDSp Overview

What is iDSp all about?

Innova’s Data Science Platform (iDSp) leverages automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence to help organizations achieve business outcomes faster and with minimal risk.

• With iDSp, enterprises can efficiently optimize their operations – increasing revenue by decreasing cost through digitization, improved decision support, and self-service enablement solutions.

• iDSp enables business teams to provide better digital experiences, to gain AI-driven insights for decision support, and to provide (self-)service solutions.

• For development teams, iDSp accelerates process digitization, creation, and management of streams of cognitive models.

• Key modules of iDSp include chat bots, sentiment analysis, anomaly detection, predictions, data curation, image annotation and segmentation, text analytics, and re-trainable systems

What makes us different

1. We have an Intuitive user interface for visualizing the data
2. Our service approach is based on the REST API, an open source-based Data analytics platform
3. State of the art pre-trained AI/ deep learning models that can be readily utilized
4. Configuration driven approach for the ease of customization
5. Customized Data model for storing and retrieving the entities, configurations, and models


Plug & Play

Connect to a data source of your choice and gain insights using pre-built analytics

Cognitive Services

A set of REST API for prebuilt to development team cognitive models

Project Streams

Create your own analytic solutions with pre-built templates

Custom Solutions

Mix & match the pre-built services to produce cognitive business applications


We at Innova help create your personalized chatbots, that can point to a configurable data source and produce results in multiple analytic output formats including graphs.
Read More


Personalized predictions module where a user gets options to choose input and target variables and the system predicts the target for the future input as a service. Read More

Sentiment Analysis

Deep Neural net based natural language processing and scoring solution based on configurable data sources and end to end analytics solution. Read More

Anomaly Detection

Move Away from Threshold based alerts / actions towards Unsupervised Self-learning Anomaly Model with configurable Metric Streams and Business Rules Read More

Image Segmentation

Feature extraction from images and ability to annotate / curate images and build custom models
Read More

Data Curation Catalog

AI driven ETL mapping creation from source to target data assets Read More

Machine Learning as a Service

Engineering Services


Data Lake Creation using NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark solutions, Master Data Management, Data Goverance, Migrations


Extracting right featues by sifting through data is where ~70% of efforts are being spent for a typical Machine Learnign project. Our Feature Eng. Services copuled with our Feature Extraction tools from Text / Images and Data Curation / Catalog solutions is our value add


Building training data sets, machine models and providing model re-training mechanisms


Ingest, Train, Deploy, Serve and Montor services for Data, Models and Applications


Productionalizing a Machine Model to realize a speciic buisness case; Full stack engineering

iDSp Benefits

Plug & Play

Plug and play your datasets by creating projects across different business functions (finance, sales, marketing, HR) and industry verticals (Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Automotive). Thus helping customers focus on their business problem

REST API based services

Consume REST API based services for analysing the data using state of the art AI/predict analytics Algorithms for Natural Language Processing, Image processing, voice processing and get insights for sentiment analysis, anomaly detection and chatbots.

Pre Configured

iDSp platform reduces the burden of selecting the right model, as we have preconfigured models that can be trained and reskilled to reduce the overall development time.


Results of the analysis are stored and fed to visualization and can generate different views that helps CXO level to understand the impact on the business and quickly take necessary actions proactively.


Entire platform is configuration driven, customizable and extensible as it is built on open source technologies following industry best practices.


Plug & Play
REST API based services
Pre Configured


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