Find the odds from the even using Innova’s Anomaly services

Traditionally, industry is using threshold -based anomaly detections for realizing business use cases. Here at Innova, we moved away from threshold and are performing “human-like” pattern-based anomaly detection by recognizing anomalies from multiple data streams. Our Anomaly Detection Solution is a feedback-based solution, which runs a variety of Algorithms to check data anomalies and learns with time, based on the Algorithm’s proficiency. Our detection service aims to automatically detect unanticipated behaviour of processes and assets using time series data.

We can help with

  • Ease of Data Source Configurability
  • Visualize & monitor streaming metric’s anomaly scores
  • Create actionable alerts using Anomaly Score Aggregation across streams
  • The solution is self-evolving it continuously learns and adapts changing patterns with time

What Makes us different?

Domain Agnostic

Domain independent real time solution that can run on any variety of data set (Categorical/Numerical).

Feedback Based

Captures the feedback on correctness from the users. Trains accordingly perform effectively on new data sets.

Simple UI

User friendly interface that lets you to define data sources and filtering criteria

Associate Action

A custom rules definition UI allows to define complex business rules to perform alerts / actions based on anomalies observed across metrics