Scale-up your sales, support, HR and FInance energies with a modern, AI-based chatbot

Forget those long on call waiting times or getting ambiguous answers for your queries from Customer representatives. Bots are the next edge of client engagement and each use case can be easily crafted to support existing processes and pave the way for new opportunities and growth. Innova’s Intelligent Chatbots expands customer engagement and trust. They Are highly influential in generating leads and driving revenue.

We can help with

  • Better RoI with cognitive & context -aware omni-channel conversational agents
  • Expanded coverage with always-on digital assistants
  • Visibility towards customer demographics and sentiments
  • Reuse of intelligence across multiple bots

What Makes us different?

Create super agents

The easiest and best way to make agents more effective is to lend them a hand. Bots assist as much or as little as needed enabling agents to handle more conversations and provide greater effectiveness in delivering better experiences.

Be always-on

Humans need rest, but your bots are available 24/7. Your customers shouldn’t have to wait to engage with your company. Be available anytime, day or night, and let bots work tirelessly to handle customer questions when it’s convenient for them.

Make customers happier

The numbers speak for themselves. Consistent and timely responses create a better experience for the customer and allow the business to ensure they are always presenting their best selves.

Smart and easy

The best part, bots are intuitive and don’t require code, so everyone can build them. Set up your bots once and have them deployed across all your messaging channels at once. Build bots to handle any situation and see how easy it is to get up and running in no time.

What kind of questions that can you ask?