At Innova we build personalized chatbots that can point to a configurable data source and produce results in multiple analytic output formats including graphs.

A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a conversation (or a chat) with a user in natural language through messaging applications, websites, mobile apps or through the telephone.


Why are chatbots important?

A chatbot is often defined as one of the most forward-thinking and promising expressions of interface between humans and machines. However, from a scientific point of understanding, a chatbot only denotes the natural evolution of a Question Answering system leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP). Formulating responses to queries in natural language is one of the most typical Examples of Natural Language Processing applied in various enterprises’ end-use applications.


  • Chatbots have potential.
  • They are easy to build.
  • Chatbots emphasize the company’s brand and image.
  • They offer upfront services
  • Chatbots automate processes.
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Third party app integrations

Common types of Chatbots

Simple (Scripted) – This is the meekest type of chatbot. Chats with this type can only take place in pre-defined ways and directions. In other words, you’ll get a pre-programmed answer to each question you ask. The chatbot cannot diverge from this in any way. Simple chatbots appear in messaging apps such as Messenger or Skype. Their sole purpose is automation, like booking a flight or making a purchase.

Intelligent – Using artificial intelligence allows the chatbot to provide more flexible responses to the user’s questions. This type of bot (such as Cleverbot) learns from each conversation and uses these experiences to answer future questions more accurately. However, artificial intelligence also has limitations: a chatbot built with AI technology still cannot understand more complex contexts or lead the conversation – it only gives answers.

Which chatbot application is right for you?

There are different tactics and tools that you can use to develop a chatbot. Depending on the use case you want to address, some chatbot machineries are more appropriate than others. In order to achieve the chosen results, the combination of different AI forms such as natural language processing, machine learning and semantic understanding may be the best option.

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How does it work?

  • Plug in your data source from the data catalog and then select ‘Chatbot’ from the sidebar.

  • Click on ‘Create Chatbot’ to configure your chatbot and select ‘Create’.

  • Click on the name of your chatbot to view the newly created chatbot.

  • Click on ‘Configure’ to configure your chatbot for your purposes. Clicking on ‘Retrain’ will retrain the chatbot with the new configurations added.

What kind of questions that can you ask?