Data Curation Catalog

Intelligent data pipelines require a mechanism to automatically adjust ETL mappings to ensure continuous flow of data without manual intervention. Our AI driven Data Curation module, helps to create intelligent data pipelines, to auto-identify and map the source and destination attributes, based on the historical data profile and also linguistic definitions and simultaneously allowing human – in – the -loop to perform validations.

Research data have value beyond their actual purpose. They can be used to determine findings, aid new discoveries, reproduce and validate results, and are repurposed in surprising new ways that their creator may never have imagined. Yet data, captured from multitude of digital file formats through an ever‐increasing number of techniques, are constantly at risk of falling short of their long‐term salvage potential.

We can help with

  • Messy and incomprehensible data
  • Important documentation, metadata
  • And other characteristics files that might secure their long‐term usefulness.

iDSp’s Data curation enables data detection and recovery, maintains data quality, adds value, and provides for re-use over time through activities including authentication, archiving, metadata creation, digital preservation, and transformation.

Identify Target Mappings by Data Profiling

Linguistic Mapping from Source to Target