Automate Image processing to detect objects and gain better business acumens

Businesses today, must manage a substantial volume of image data on daily basis. Be it image editing, colour correction, file conversion or background editing, every document image processing service eats into your valuable time, resources and infrastructure. Every entity in ecommerce industry wants to be a pioneer while pushing boundaries for tracking and converting them into leads. To attain this foot, companies flock their webpages and social media sites with luring images.

Innova Solutions Image segmentation module automatically detects objects such as humans, vehicles, buildings, logos, places and sign boards from images. It can also be trained to identify custom objects apart from the standard predefined set. We at Innova, have the expertise to deliver tailored document image labelling and processing services to diverse industry verticals.

Image Annotation for Training

  • Train your images by leveraging iDSp Image Annotation Service.
  • Choose the Image to get trained via a data source configuration.
  • Tag the Images. Click on “Generate Data” to generate data on the Tagged parts of the Image.
  • Use this data for training.

We can help with

Medical imaging for analysing x-rays, scans for identifying diseases Searching real estate portals based on images Product classification for online ecommerce portals Sharing and tagging of images on social media Face detection for security applications Self-driven vehicles that can analyse many images

What makes us different?

  • Divides Images into sections based on pixel characteristics
  • Enables classification and detecting objects in images.
  • Uses image context to accurately extract information
  • Improves pictorial interpretation and perception

Our information extraction services enable organizations to gain insight through market leading information management solutions, on-premises or in the cloud.