Personalized predictions module aids the user to get options, to choose input and target variables, and system predicts the target for future input, as a service. Features of the module include,

  • Build Models with ease by selecting your datasets and parameters
  • Inbuilt data preparation like Imputation, Encoding Categorical variables
  • Productionalize your models with ease by accessing the iDSp’s API platform

How does it work?

To build models :

  • Click on ‘Create New Model’ .

  • Choose a model to build from the dropdown menu, for example – K-Means.

  • Select the dataset from the dropdown menu.

  • Click on ‘Create’ to build the model.

Configuring the Model

  • Select ‘Configure’ option from the list of models.

  • Choose the features you’d like to change.

  • Select the dataset filters.

  • Choose temporal filters.

  • Once you’ve selected the various filters, click on ‘Save Features’ and then click on ‘Build Model’.


Accessing Advanced Settings

The user can access advanced settings if they want a more customized prediction. This is generally for more advanced users, who understand particular ML models and know how best to manage the settings to get reliable predictions.

  • In the ‘Configure’ option, select the button ‘Advanced Settings’ to access them.

  • Make the desired changes to the parameters and validation sections

  • Click ‘Save Settings’ to save your parameters.


  • After building the model, click on ‘Analyze’ button from the list of models.

  • This gives the predictions in the form of charts/graphs using the different features defined.