A Service for predicting the sentiment, based on text or voice of customer(VOC)

With the growing number of customers across markets, the amount of reviews and conversations about products/services are growing exponentially. People are finding ways to collect feedbacks in a structured manner as it is becoming harder to go through each one of them and try to understand them due to the volume of the data. We support your future planning through high-precision visualization of customers’ opinions and sentiments as derived from social media and other sources. Our Sentiment Analysis Service provides a highly accurate visual representation of customers’ opinions and sentiments about a company or a product/services, based on an analysis of text data. We can analyse the data from a variety of media, such as social media, customer reviews, mass media including newspapers and television, and business data from questionnaires and call centers.


We’ll examine the use of sentiment analysis in the following

  • Social media monitoring
  • Brand monitoring
  • Voice of customer (VOC)
  • Customer service
  • Product analytics
  • Market research and analysis
  • Workforce analytics and voice of employee

What makes us different?

  • Empower your business from a variety of angles by combining customer analysis with business data
  • Forecasting trends based on customer opinions
  • Advance detection of risks related to your products or services
  • Real-time analysis of feedback posted on social media
  • Analyzing employees’ sentiments based on questionnaire results Forecasting of demand by applying customer feedback to business data

We can help with

Accurate Analysis

We use AI technology that can analyze multiple language texts and classify the text data based on diverse topics and sentiments. The data is classified into three major classes Positive, Neutral, and Negative

Insightful Viewer

This service tags not only information about customer sentiment, but also shares information about relationships between words. This allows you to search for exact topics as well as specific words. In addition, the search viewer gives insights by analysing text data in combination with business data and provides an interactive user interface.

Domain specific Expertise

The AI automatically updates the refining conditions used for the filtering dictionary through the machine learning of highly appropriate words and technical terms contained in collected data. This makes it possible to maintain and improve the accuracy of search refinement without additional maintenance work.

Configurable Analytics

The friendly UI allows you to easily add new data sources, let it be social media platform or feedback system. You can keep adding them to enrich your existing system or create a new one.